• Andrea Cavallini

Symbolic camera and Themes

On the last written side of the camera one finds the themes in which I decline my experience of time. Time for me is not only experienced as flowing, or the feeling of past. Time is also the fear of missing out, of not giving 100% or even more. From this feeling, of not been able to give one's best, because we are conscious that there will not be a second chance, a feeling of wasting time arises. Time in which one is unable to achieve its goals or learn from its failures might as well not have been lived.

Finally, time is also neoliberal. To be compelled to give 100%, to not waste time, as if one owns it, and to make a profit out of it, is certainly of capitalist derivation. This in turn leads one to think that time is homocronous and homogenous, that is, one hour is always an hour and you are supposed to give the maximus as usual, whether feeling well or unwell.

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